Advanced Practice Nursing Staffing Associates, LLC offers legal nurse practitioner consulting services. The legal nurse consultants are nurse practitioners who use their clinical experience and specialized education to interpret, research and analyze medical and advanced practice nursing related issues relevant to a legal case or claim. Based on their investigations, they provide an informed opinion on the delivery of health care, maintenance or violation of the standard of health care, and its results.

Our Legal nurse practitioner consultants are valuable to:

  • Law firms
  • Government offices
  • Insurance companies
  • Health care system risk management departments
  • Consulting firms
  • Independent practices


Searching for the medical and nurse practitioner issues relevant to a case, our legal nurse practitioner consultants can review medical records to help determine whether professional negligence occurred, in addition to providing insight into the standard of health care provided to a client.

 Our legal nurse practitioner case reviewers can also educate attorneys regarding medical facts, timelines, treatments, and other relevant health care information in any case review.

SERVICES can include: case review, deposition, trial testimony

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